Life has gotten a little complicated lately with all these doctor appointments for Grace (she’s fine by the way!) and Brandon working so much. I’m just feeling the need to simplify, hoping it will bring more joy.

So, I’m giving myself the assignment of thinking of things I can do to simplify my day

First assignment: find “the bottom line.” Maybe 3 things that I can expect to do everyday rather than the usual 10. One of the things I would love to include in my three is take a shower. While a shower doesn’t seem like such a big accomplishment, it makes me feel good. Now, since Grace is getting more mobile I need to figure out what to do with her while I’m showering. (Any simple suggestions?)

Some other ideas to help me simplify and find more joy:

-Have a plan (in our last MNO my mommy friends and I talked about menu planning.)
-Start my morning in a peaceful way- maybe even meditate.
-Simplify my wardrobe- just got rid of a ton of old clothes. I’ll be posting pictures soon of my organized closet.
-Do as much as I can the night before. My sisters tease me for picking out my clothes the night before like we had to do when we were little. I guess old habits die hard.
-Develop a laundry system that works for me. Right now that means doing a load a day.
-Even if I’ll be home at noon, make lunch the night before. This is a new concept for me. I think lunch will be soup or salad from the previous night.
-Read good books about cleaning, housekeeping, organizing, and making my house a home. Any recommendations?
– When running errands, take a few minutes to map out my route. This is also a good idea cuz I tend to get lost easily.
– Create shortcuts to dinner prep. TJs helps me here since they have veggies that are already cut up.
– Start going to bed earlier. It’s only 8pm and I’m exhausted.
– Have a potluck. So fun!

And you?

How do you simplify?!?!

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2 Responses to SIMPLIFY

  1. Chelsea says:

    Simplify isn’t going so great with me but I’m trying…hard….trying to declutter my stuff AND my brain. Having an accountability partner sure is helping me get the to-do list accomplished! THANKS!! 🙂 Re: organizing books, there are a couple of mine that I’m tossing that you might really like. I’ll save for you in case you’re interested. 🙂

    • Joymommy says:

      Yes, being accountability partners is huge!

      I’d live to take a look at some of your give away books. Maybe I’ll even write a post about some of them!

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