Actions today affect my destiny tomorrow

Have you ever noticed that when you take an action there is an effect. (duh, everyone knows that) Like, when I take the time to put out all the ingredients for a meal BEFORE I start to make it- the effect is a more pleasant meal prep experience and usually a not ruined meal. It took me a long time to learn this lesson, but learning to cook healthy meals is one of my goals this year so I am really working on taking the steps to get to that ultimate destination.

So, if I keep up with this, I think in french it’s called Mis on plat which means putting things nicely on a plate, my ultimate cooking destiny is going to fantabulous. But to be a great cook I need to accumulate several affects, so I have to KEEP doing it. And in order to do that I have to take the right action on a fairly consistent basis instead of getting lazy and going back to frantically cutting up the carrots the moment the recipe tells me to add them to the pot. Now that is a good way to chop of a finger!

Ever notice how sometimes there is some lag time between when you start doing the right action and you get enough positive effects to create a destination in which you actually want to be? That’s the bad news- you don’t instantly get rewarded. The good news is you don’t instantly get penalized instantly either. If I screw up one time and forget to add the carrots to the pot (well, cutting off a finger does seem like a penalty, but go with me here, I’m new at this) it doesn’t instantly destroy my destiny of becoming a good cook. I have to accumulate some critical mass, just like in finances.

So if I make a meal that isn’t restaurant quality I remind myself that I am in lag time, I don’t give up. If I did, I would never get where I want to go. And I think I may already be right on the verge, on the tipping point, of learning how to make a really yummy soup.

So… my point here is that all actions are fathered (or mothered) by decisions. The decision to DO the action is the seed. There is no such thing as an action without a decision first. Now, the decision may be unconscious in nature, but you made the decision to read this blog post before you took the action of actually opening it.

So, what is really shaping my destiny of being a good cook? My decisions.

If you look at the last ten years of your life I’d be willing to bet that you can look at decisions you’ve made that if you made a different decision you life would be radically different. For better or worse, I’m not sure, but radically different! I know mine would be.

Decisions like who I’m gonna love? or who I’m gonna count as a friend? or what am I gonna do for a living? or am I going to have children? or am I going to go on a vacation? or am I going to move to be with my boyfriend? or am I going to begin something new? or am I going to start my own company? or am I going to use the cry it out method with my baby? or what am I going to cook for dinner each night?

All those little decisions seem so small in the moment, but result in your destiny. Whether that destiny be the body you desire, the energy you deserve, or the health you want.

What is so great about this is that all change is associated with decisions. If I don’t like my job I can change it, if I don’t like how stubby my nails are I can change it, if I don’t like my business I can change it, if I don’t like who I work with I can change it, if I don’t like my relationship I can change it, if I don’t like how I feel right now I can change it, if I don’t like my energy level I can change it, if I don’t feel like I’m connected to God I can change it.

And how do I change it? I make a decision. I don’t state a preference like “I’d like to” or “I should.” I DECIDE. I cut of any possibility except the one that I’m committed to. And when I do that I set into motion a cause and affect. This is how I can react consciously to my environment.

Now, why don’t I do this ALL the time? (Why do I bite my nails even though I’ve wanted to stop for the past 15 years?) Because my decisions are controlled by what I link pain and pleasure to. Before we make a decision everyone of you who is reading this has a system for evaluating your decisions, a system for deciding if something is worth it or not. Should I get married or not? Should I have kids or not? Should I go to the library or not? And this system is more powerful than a single decision.

What decisions will you make today that will shape your destiny to be on of JOY!?

Wow, excuse me while I get down off my soap box… Tony Robbins, move ova!

On that note, I’m making the decision to go get my beautiful baby who just woke up from a long nap.

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2 Responses to Actions today affect my destiny tomorrow

  1. Chelsea says:

    This is good stuff lady!!! The question about looking back ten years is a crazy exercise. Now isn’t it even crazier to look ten years ahead? Thanks for the great thoughts.

    • joymommy says:

      YES! It’s hard for me to even picture my life 5 years down the road let alone 10! I’ve heard of people having parties where everyone shows up as the person they imagine they will be in 10 years. That sounds like a cool idea.

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