Closet make over

So far my goal of getting more organized is going well!
I was reading some organizing blogs recently and came across one that had this acronym as a Definition of “Organized:”

Not Perfect, but…
Effective- doing what works best
Always improving
True to your style
Efficient- not wasting time and energy
Ready for anything- being prepared for life

    (NEATER acronym © 2006-2009, Clutter Diet, Inc.)

It helped me think more clearly about my closet project. The “Ready for Anything” concept really made an impact on me. It’s about anticipating things like the fact that six o’clock is going to happen every night and my family will be hungry for dinner– what am I planning to feed them? Am I you ready for the holidays with gifts and travel arrangements? Am I ready for visitors to come over unexpectedly? If I were “hit by the proverbial bus,” would my family be ready to handle our financial matters? If I have to get dressed quickly tomorrow morning is it easy to see and decide what to wear? Now, at least for this last one I can say a resounding YES!!!



Well, I’m pretty happy with my closet now. In fact, my shoulders feel actual relief since I got rid of a bunch of clothes I no longer wear. Plus giving them to good friends always makes me feel good. Have I inspired anyone to clean out their own closets!?



To see before pictures CLICK here.

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3 Responses to Closet make over

  1. Chelsea says:

    YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!!!!!

  2. Betsy says:

    Wow! Looks great! I follow the FlyLady in my attempt to keep somewhat organized. I love her and her southern accent. I’ve got my basic morning and evening routines down but I still struggle with clutter. I need to toss, toss, toss. Way to go Isabelle! You’ve inspired me!

    • Betsy, I like flylady too! She sorta inspired me to clean out my closet with her 27 fling boogie. Do those of you who haven’t heard of the flylady check her out at

      I’ll do another post soon about some of the routines that I use based on her ideas.

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