I recently completed my first book on my reading list.

For the most part I really enjoyed it.

Here is a quote from the book that really resonated with me (pg 12): “If you’re tired of making the same promises to yourself and never keeping them, of making the same secret wishes over and over and never achieving them, of relying on willpower only to find that it isn’t enough, then stick with me and keep reading.”

Well, I did stick with Mel. The promise I had made to myself at the beginning of this year was to experience more joy and I was hoping this book would help me to that. Mel goes on to say…

“You can have what you want, and I will teach you how. We will work together to figure out what you truly want and build the momentum and stamina required to reach your true potential.”

Since setting the intention to be more joyful and since completing this book I’ve been better at looking at my world through joy colored glasses. These are special magical glasses that filter my thoughts and feelings through the lens of joy. Ok, there aren’t really “magical” glasses, but the metaphor works for me.

For example, Brandon is working today (SATURDAY!) ALL day! That leaves Grace and I to fend for ourselves. Normally, I would see this as a total bummer and feel really sorry for myself. But through my joy colored glasses this is FANTASTIC news. I can do whatever I want and not have to run it by Mr “wouldn’t it be fun to go to the symphony or opra for date night!?” (I’m sorry, those things are both fine and dandy for old people- no offense! But we are 30 years old here. And when I do cave and agree to do some cultural event that I wouldn’t choose to do had my wonderful husband not begged me to join him in, I put on those joy colored glasses and amazingly have a good time.)

OK, but back to Saturday…

Today Grace is going to take me to the library where they have story time. Brandon isn’t a huge fan of this so when he isn’t working we usually don’t go. I find it adorable and really enjoy it. Then we are going to walk to lake temescal with Bacchus and play on the swing set till our hearts content. Then we will come home for a snappy nappy (not too snappy I hope!) during which I will make some baby food. Then we will run some errands that I’ve been meaning to do for some time. See, this day, which through any other lens could seem lonely and sad turns out to be a fun filled, action packed, delightfully joyfilled day.

    How would your day look different if you were to look at it through these joy lenses?
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