joy inducing questions

What enjoyable activity do you get so involved in that you frequently lose track of time?

If you were given one week to spend any way you liked (and all your responsibilities were taken care of), what would you do?

If you were given a check for $2000 and ordered to use it on something fun for yourself, what would you spend it on?

If you were guaranteed a handsome salary no matter what, what would be your ultimate dream job?

What do you do consistently in your free time simply because you enjoy it?

What do you purposefully make time for not because you have to but because you want to?

If money was not an issue, what activity would you spend time doing more regularly?

What do people say you are good at and appreciate about you?

What makes you over-the-top excited or emotional (in a good way)?

What kinds of books do you read, TV shows you watch or websites you visit?

What’s your favorite hobby?

Feeling the joy yet? Please share your answers to inspire others!

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