New office

As part of my new years resolution to get more organized Brandon and I decided that I should move my desk out of our shared office and into the breakfast nook because the office wasn’t really baby proofed. This relates to organizing because it is forcing me to downsize and get rid of a bunch of stuff. We bought this hutch at Ikea and I really like the way it looks in the kitchen. I got so excited about the move that I forgot to take before pictures. Here are some between pictures of the old desk being de-cuttered and the new one getting broken in. Any advice on how to get rid of old wires and phones and watches? I’ll keep posting my projects here. Hope they inspire you.



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One Response to New office

  1. Chelsea says:

    Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the hutch! Try ewaste for donations – recycling centers usually accept ewaste monthly for free! Or some programs like domestic abuse shelters accept them so women can call 911 if they go home. Or there’s a program where you can mail them for free and they go to soldiers overseas so they can call home! Watches – Gooodwill? You are my inspiration!!!!!!

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