our garden

It’s time to start planning my garden!
MARCH 20, 2012

As Grace’s first birthday quickly approaches we are determined to have the celebration outside. Last year March 31st was a glorious spring day. And we expect this year to be no different.

For the last year I have made the excuse that Grace takes up all my time and I have no energy left to care for another living thing, other than Bacchus. But this year, I’m ready to get started, especially since Grace is still not big enough not to toddle out into traffic when I’m working on the front yard or throw herself into the bushes when we’re out back. But she will be soon so I need to get started ASAP!

Of course, as is the case when I’m faced with any big blank slate, I’m more than a little overwhelmed. In the past, I’ve done mostly small-scale gardening: as in container gardens that have a few herbs. Brandon is the one in our family who is comfortable with the basics of gardening and started the vegetable garden you see in the below pictures, but he doesn’t have time to work on a whole yard, from scratch. The question is, do I? This year I’m feeling ready to at least try.

I’ve always been drawn to simple gardens, and love the idea of having a nice lawn that Grace and I can have picnics on in nice weather. Sort of like this picture.

But Bacchus has already destroyed our lawn and we didn’t want to put a new one in just to have him destroy it again. So we decided to get artificial grass put in.

This week they are installing it.



Next week I will do some research on what to put AROUND the grass. But I’m not letting myself do any shopping (or more aptly, wandering in confusion around home depot) until I’ve got a plan sketched out on paper- shared here of course. Promise.

Does anyone else have big plans for their outdoor space this spring and summer? Tell me about it – or share your own intention in the comments.

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2 Responses to our garden

  1. kir says:

    We’ll have to talk “garden” as I’m currently in the process of building a 4×4 raised bed. Also trying to figure out what to do with our lawn now that Bradley’s destroyed it too (damn dogs!) Thinking of mulching and surrounding the space with more raised beds (if my first one is a success!) We get so much great light in our yard, I can’t wait for it to flourish with floral and plant life! Oh, and we planted some bamboo for Ella 🙂

    • joymommy says:

      Yes, let’s talk! I like the idea of mulch. Easy to take care of.

      And bamboo- of course. Ella’s first word. And it’ll be fun to see how fast both the bamboo and Ella grow.

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