“I can’t believe I’m almost 1!”

When I told Grace she was going be be one in a week. She gave me the look in this first picture. When I showed her all the other pictures to show how far she’s come she gave me the look in the second picture and said, “Ew mom, gross!”

(and yes, that is my/her placenta!!!)

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2 Responses to “I can’t believe I’m almost 1!”

  1. kir says:

    Gah! I’m making the same face as Grace (in pic #2) after seeing that placenta shot! (I’ve also got a nice juicy shot of my own afterbirth — I think I’ll hold off on showing Ella until her 18th birthday :)) Looking forward to Gracie’s party!

  2. joymommy says:

    Good thinking on not scarring your daughter- at least not till she’s 18. And by then we already blame our moms for screwing us up no matter how good they were 🙂

    Ella’s party was so fun! See ya on Saturday. Bring your camera!

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