March 31st has come and gone!

It has been a crazy week. I have been planning Grace’s first birthday for a long time now and can’t believe the day has come and gone. It feels great both to have the party over and to the have a one year old.

Here are our latest happenings:

1. Spring has sprung. Our new grass is finally in and the yard looks amazing! It did rain yesterday, but cleared up in time for Grace’s party and all the kids good to spend some time outside.

2. Grace got LOTS of new toys! We are now in the process of finding homes for them all and writing thank you notes.

3. We got to visit with my mom and sister and Brandon’s parents this weekend. Everyone told their the story of Grace’s amazing birth.

I always felt that Grace chose for us to be her family! Even before I was pregnant I could feel that a little girl was floating around somewhere out there waiting for the right time to be born. I just feel so fortunate that she is here and is just as wonderful as I knew she would be.

How was YOUR week?

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