Still can’t believe it’s been a year!


I don’t know where to even begin. I kind of feel like I am in a haze. How did a year go by? How did I get here already?

I started crying yesterday when Grace pulled herself up into a standing position. I couldn’t help it. I just don’t know if I’m ready to have a toddler in the house.

I am not sure why exactly her birthday has me so emotional. I know that I have so much more wonderful things to look forward to, but it also feels like a door closing. The end of her babyhood. Her babyhood, that I will never, ever get back.

I thought that Grace’s birth would require me to muster all the survival skills and courage I had within me, I never realized that it would be her post partum, her baby hood, that would require those things from me. (Her birth was the easy part!)

This year has been the happiest/hardest year of my life. I can’t believe a year has gone by. Just one year ago I was pushing her out on our bathroom floor and Brandon handed her into my arms. I am thankful beyond words that I was able to stay home this year and just be with my daughter and not miss a single moment.

I wonder what the next year will bring. Year 2 of post partum land. Maybe Grace will sleep through the night before she turns 2? A Mama can dream.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACIE LOU!! My beautiful, beautiful girl.


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