Makeover May Madness

This month is “Makeover May Madness Month” and my first project is…. my messy and cluttered garage, and my game is to turn it around in only 4 short weeks (I will be out of town for 5 days this month too!) And I would love any advice that you can offer (or hands on help if you are offering!!!)


Plan of attack :

The areas I want to address – bikes, garden stuff, baby stuff, clothes… After evaluating the present system I’ve realized that we are lacking storage units such as shelves. Since we are renting I will have to purchase shelves that can be removed, but that are still sturdy. 

Step 1) Remove items – I will take everything out and put it in the driveway. (Pictures will be taken!)

Step 2) Organize into piles – donate/toss/sell/keep/relocate. My goal is to bring back into the garage only what I love and use and can fit into the space we have available. I will purge until it fits! (Anyone want an old laptop?!)

Step 3) Containerize – find storage solutions – this is where the shelving units come in.

Step 3) Evaluate plan – how is our system working for us?

Step 4) Solve any remaining issues.


OMG, I’m tired just writing this!!!

We do not actually park our car in the garage (the car you see is our landlord’s)… which means that we do not need to go through the garage after getting out of our cars, so the space mainly functions as a giant storage unit- holding baby gear and stuff we need to maintain our home and yard! 4 bikes (one of which is my sister’s), a bouncy chair, and golfclubs take up a fair amount of space. 


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One Response to Makeover May Madness

  1. Laurie says:

    I would love the “old laptop”..if you are willing to part with baby stuff, i know of some needy families that i would donate to. thank you!

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