Happy Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day my sisters and I honored our mom as Mother of the Year at the Visiting Nurses Association and Hospice Care’s 11th Annual Mother’s Day Luncheon. The event was held at the Biltmore Hotel’s Coral Casino. More than 300 guests attended.

Here is a video of us serenading her.

I have the most amazing mom. She has taught me many lessons in life, but one of the most powerful and most simple is a sentiment also stated by the Dalai Lama: “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”

This single word has been the central tenet of my mom’s life: “kindness”.

Kindness, she taught me, can guide every interaction I have with others, can guide my life’s work, can give meaning to my life, can even guide my eating, parenting, marriage, and more.

All else will melt away, if I let go of it, and leave only kindness.

Doing to others IS doing to myself

My family has always tried to live by the Golden Rule, which goes like this, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” But my mom taught me another idea of this rule – how you treat others is how your treat yourself.

Consider: when you react to others with anger or meanness, you are putting yourself in an angry mindset, a bad mood. You’ll likely feel pretty bad for at least an hour, if not all day.

When you are uncaring or indifferent to others, you also create an empty, blank feeling in yourself, a void that cannot be filled with gadgets, social networking, shopping, food, or possessions.

When instead you are kind, you build a good feeling within yourself, you make yourself happy. In effect, you are being kind to yourself.

Other outward-facing actions have a similar inward effect: if you want to learn, teach. If you need inspiration, inspire others. If you’re sad, cheer someone up.

Thank you, mom, for your kindness. I love you sooo much I can’t believe it!

{ Here are 30 reasons why I love my mom–one for each year of my life }

1. She raised me with 2 of the best sisters I could ask for. Even though there have been times in my life that I wanted to kill them (and tried!) to this day, they are my best friends, confidants, and I treasure the gift mom gave me of sisterhood.

2. She’s still (VERY happily) married to our Dad.

3. She never once gave up on me when I was sick as a little kid. She always knew that I would overcome any illness or challenge. She was and is my biggest fan.

4. She told me I could be whatever I wanted to be. And I’ve always wanted to be a mom. Now that I have my dream job I have even more respect for what a hands on mom she was when we were growing up.

5. When I looked at fashion magazines or went shopping for prom dresses she reminded me that my mind was more important than my body and that I was beautiful inside and out.

6. She listened to my stories. Even the long ones. She still does!

7. She encouraged me to go to college. And when that college led me to live overseas for a year she embraced the idea even though I know it was hard for her to let her oldest baby be so far away from her.

8. She was an excellent cheerleader when I played soccer- even when I wasn’t very good. And she always brought really healthy snacks.

9. She gave up a horrible habit so her family could have an even better mom. I can only imagine how hard that must have been, but I am so grateful she is as strong as she is and loves us as much as she does.

10. She taught me how to buy a bra. And I recently forgave her for taking me bra shopping for the first time with my friend- a boy!

11. She gave me an appreciation for the Gypsy Kings and the Beatles.

12. She never relied on other people for her happiness. She knew how to make herself happy.

13. She is a gracious and generous hostess.

14. Whenever she’s upset, she never takes it out on my sisters or me. Instead, she goes to her room to be alone for few minutes.

15. Growing up we always ate dinner around the kitchen table, together. Mom and dad would ask us about our day. And there was always a dictionary or encyclopedia close by for reference.

16. She buys practical clothes for my baby (like pajamas and sweaters), leaving the frills and bows to Grace’s other Grandma.

17. She taught me how to set a table and make a bed with hospital corners.

18. Even though big family dinners during the holidays sometimes stress her out she always graciously takes in strays.

19. For my 18th birthday she made a big scrapbook for me of my life up till that point. She also put our home videos on DVDs so that we can watch them whenever we want. I still have the scrapbook and DVDs and I cherish them above any other material gift she has given me.

20. She encouraged and developed my friendship with my sisters.

21. She taught me that romantic relationships should be fulfilling physically for the girl just as much for the boy.

22. She loved reading. And therefor, so do I.

23. She’s an awesome photographer.

24. She lets me be me.

25. She corrects but never criticizes me.

26. She fed me healthy food when I was a child.

27. She didn’t believe in punishing us for bad grades. She preferred that a grade be it’s own reward or punishment. My sisters and I are all above average students because we wanted to be not because we HAD to be.

28. She was the kind of mom all my friends wished that had.

29. She is the smartest woman I know and  she apologizes when she does something wrong.

30. She enjoys spending time with my baby, who calls her “Nahni”

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!
I Love You!

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  1. girlthattalks says:

    What a gift this is! You should print and frame it for your Momma!!

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