what have we been up to?

As you can see we have been pretty busy. The garage is really coming along. We got a shelf and  can now put stuff on it that didn’t have a home. Brandon and Grace put it together. Grace kept trying to climb it. She thought daddy had finally bought her that jungle gym that she’s been asking for. Nope, sorry baby.

In other news, our Santa Barbara trip was amazing! We went to brunch with the fam.

Noni taught Grace to blow kisses while we were there. Now, if you ask her for a hug she’ll come up and lean against you. It’s the cutest thing ever! My dad and uncle Jessie also got to see Grace for the first time in a loooong time. Jessie actually asked me, “What did you do to my baby?!”

Brandon’s parents joined in on the fun too.

On the Friday before Mother’s Day we honored my mom. See details here and here. We sang a lovely song to her (Written by Uncle Jessie) Called “Thong on Wrong.” It was written about an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

All in all I feel like a pretty lucky lady.

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