great Garage clean up week 4

As you can see from the pictures the garage is about the same as it was last week. That is actually a good thing because it isn’t any WORSE than when I started.

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As in any organizing project, the last steps are to …

Evaluate the plan – The system is working OK for now – Now there is a place to store the new blow up pool I just bought at Target and the other summer toys that I am sure we will accumulate. What needs to be modified? Well, it would be nice to get some better lighting in the garage (much easier to find things when you can actually SEE them.) and it would be REALLY nice if our landlords didn’t have to store their car in half the garage. But alas, these are two things that I probably can’t change so I just have to accept them. What I really like about this system is that it should be easy to maintain.

Next step…

Solve/Simplify any remaining issues. I still need to address the one cabinate in the garage that isn’t working for us – I plan to store our tools in the cabinet. As of now they live in a drawer in the kitchen. The drawer is so deep that it is hard to locate tools in a jiffy. Now the next time Brandon asks me for a wrench I won’t be able to say I can’t find it because I’m so disorganized. The truth will come out that I can’t find it because- What the hell does a wrench look like? OH OH! Labels. AHA. Problem solved.

Also, does anyone want to buy a bike? We are selling my bike (the cute one with the basket) as well as Brandon’s mountain bike and road bike.

Lemme know 🙂

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