Mother’s hierarachy

Please go to for more info on this. I just thought it was so cool and a great reminder that wanting a full 8 hours of sleep at night is NOT asking too much. Sleep is a basic need and I really have not had quality sleep in 13 months (ever since miss Gracie Lou got here.)

I gotta give myself credit for functioning as well as I am when one of my physical needs is not being met fully. It is also a reminder that I need to focus on my other needs, the ones I can better control (like healthy food, experiences to draw on, and support from my husband).

Questions I ask myself:

  • How can I eat in a way that brings clarity and calm?
  • How can I move my body in proper activity and exercise (although I don’t like that word!) in a way that feels good and restorative. My form of movement is yoga and walking. Both help me holistically understand my body better.
  • How can I rest and repair my body? Even though I am not getting 8 hours of sleep due to a baby who won’t sleep- I CAN listen to the in and out breath in this moment. This is how I rest my mind. I can back off of house work and rest instead of sweep.
  • How can I resist stress? I function on either stress mode or calm mode and my environment usually pushes me towards stress mode. It is life changing when I intentionally trigger the calm button instead of living in chronic stress- which is the crux of adrenal health. If I turn on the calm I automatically turn off the stress. I just need to focus on where my attention is because they cannot coexist. That’s just how we are wired.
This hierarchy of mommy needs is really juicy to me. Our happiness is totally within our reach, we just need to dictate our own thoughts and change the posture of our body. Just doing those two things bring joy instantaneously. So many women are in a storm of stress and victimhood. I’ve been there (recently!) and am slowly learning to recognize when I am experiencing stress I take it as a sign and instead of thinking my way out of it I FEEL my way out of it. 

What needs do you need to focus on that have maybe fallen to the side? Can you create your own joy triggers?

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