What did the Buddha say?


SeatedBuddhaGandhara2ndCentury (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Buddha told us that there could be an end to suffering. But he wasn’t talking about physical suffering. That, he says, continues as long as we have a body. He taught that what we call suffering is actually a product of our own minds. It happens to us because we are in conflict with the way things are. Things happen and we resist them or we want to keep things the way they are because it feels good. But holding on to something that is slipping through our hands causes rope burn.
I often find myself pinning my happiness on the world. When I struggle I am trying to arrange things to be the way I want them to be rather than appreciating them the way they are.
So, I’m taking this first assignment very seriously.  Maybe the reason I like to organize is because it gives me a sense of control.

Hmmm, gives me something to think about. Is it OK to want to change things? Is it OK to NOT accept things the way they are and to want to try to make them better? Can that also lead to happiness?

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