Summer Bucket List


summer_007.jpg (Photo credit: wve)

Location map of Idaho, USA

Location map of Idaho, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Take a JOYFUL vacation

We have LOTS of trips planned this summer. Since we have yet to take Grace on and airplane this makes me a little nervous. Our first trip will be to Austin where one of my best friends from college is getting married. The wedding is in the middle of summer, in the middle of the day, in the middle of nap time, and the day before my birthday so it has the potential to be “interesting.” Despite all that, I’m actually really looking forward to it.

Our next vacation is a trip to Montana and Idaho. My family has a house in MT and Brandon’s family has a house in Idaho. B is driving so it will just be us gals on the plane. Grace is an excellent car traveler so we will se how she feels about air travel. After Montana and Idaho we will go to Santa Barbara where my mom will celebrate her 60th birthday.

Then… we are moving to LA for a little bit because Brandon is doing a rotation down there. We have no idea where we are going to stay, but I’m looking forward to seeing my So Cal friends. (Hi L and J!)

THEN… Brandon says we might got to Atlanta for some Dr thing. By then we will be pro travelers ūüôā

15 minutes outside–Every. Day.

I just read a review on “15 Minutes Outside” and it looks really good. I’m excited and inspired to make this happen. A beautiful plot of nicely shaded artificial grass and pretty garden are viewable right out our kitchen window, and we shamefully don’t make great use of it. UNTIL NOW! ¬†Well, we’ve already started doing it, and will continue even during our vacations. Playing in the ball pit outside, laying in that¬†wonderful soft grass, having picnics with other baby/mommy pairs, writing with chalk, taking walks, visiting new parks and even local lakes and beaches, getting wet, making art, and so much more! Are you convinced to join us?

Monthly Resolutions 

I am declaring this month Joyful June (more on that in another post), followed by Joint-Effort July and finishing the summer up with Optimize August. Excited for the opportunities each of these monthly themes represents!

From all the reading I’ve been doing about joy I’ve come to the conclusion that being joyful means building in joyful habits. I found this website that will help me do just that. A lot of the habits I want to create are too big and complicated. This guy says that if you want to create a habit it needs to be something that:

  • you do at least once a day
  • that takes you less then 30 seconds
  • that requires little effort

That is why my habit of spending time outside each day can’t count as one of my 3. I’ll post more on this later.
Visit Family 

Brandon’s parents will be here soon. YAY!

Anniversary celebration

Brandon and I are celebrating¬†five years¬†of marriage this July. We’re planning to go out to dinner. Yum.

Write here more

Next week I want to try to write on this blog (even if it’s just a sentence) 5 days a week.

What’s on your Summer Bucket List?

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