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English: Everything starts from needs or desir...

English: Everything starts from needs or desires that become goals. In order to achieve their goals people frame intentions that lead to actions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OK guys. Have you started packing your gear yet? Remember, your “gear” is your dedication to personal growth. A big part of dedication is your intention. At the beginning of every yoga class I ask my students to set an intention for their practice that day.  I am going to ask you to set an intention for your joy journey. Over they coming 40 days you may want to address a certain issue that has been tugging on your heart.

Some examples:

  • health- mental, physical, emotional, spiritual
  • love/relationships
  • money, finances, career
  • creativity, dreams
  • higher purpose

Even if you aren’t sure what you want your intention to be, choosing to take this journey of self- discovery means that you are at least curious about exploring this type of thing. You may also wish to focus this time on just being open to whatever intention shows up in the moment.

As you begin to “pack your gear” ask yourself these 4 questions:

  1. What is it I want to enhance in the coming 40 days?
  2. What is it I want to let go of in the coming 40 days?
  3. What is it I want to discover about myself in the coming 40 days?
  4. What is it I want to manifest in the next 40 days?

Listen. Wait for an answer. If you feel up to it, you can write your intention in the comments section to help inspire others with their own intentions.

As I did this practice myself I came up with a list of intentions. Here are a couple:

  • I want to read more
  • I want to understand where my money is going better
  • I want to worry about Grace less
  • I want to spend more time having fun
  • I want to stop watching mindless TV
  • I want to have an uncluttered house
  • I want to meditate daily
  • I want to start playing the guitar again
  • I want to start posting videos of yoga poses that increase joy
  • I want to give things away
  • I want to be more comfortable being myself
  • I want to be less critical of myself
  • I want to pray more
  • I want to stop rushing
  • I want to be less ridged
  • I want to be less bound by the clock
  • I want to use my imagination more
  • I want to write a children’s book
  • I want to stop biting my nails (still!)

Over the next few days I am going to choose a few of these to focus on.

Once you choose your intention, acknowledge it and let it go. Drop it into your unconscious and go about your day. You may notice that my assignments are not intended to help make your intention a reality. I believe that change and growth happen more easily if I am relaxed and open with my intentions rather than working really hard at them.

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