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English: The pentagram is used as a Christian ...

English: The pentagram is used as a Christian symbol for the five senses, and if the letters S, A, L, V, and S are inscribed in the points, it can be taken as a symbol of health (from Latin salus). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey guys,

OK. We are stepping out on the first leg of our 40 day joy journey… tomorrow!!!

I didn’t sleep well last night. I actually haven’t slept very well since I was about 6 or 7 months pregnant. Gosh, that thought is kinda depressing. So00…. For the next 40 days my personal focus is going to on learning to relax (in this case enough to sleep soundly and long enough to be restorative.)

When you were a kid did your parents ever tell you to take a deep breath or to count to 10 before you explode? Well, I think this is pretty sound advice. Let’s do that together now. Close your eyes and take 10 deep slow breaths.


I find that I’ve been getting WAY too bent out of shape lately. I know that when I am relaxed I am more in touch with my inner resources of power, energy, and JOY. Plus, I know that in order to be of service to you all I have to first be of service to myself.

My intention  over these next 40 days is to slow down, look around with more appreciation rather than judgement, and create some distance between myself and things that bring negativity of self-doubt. When my body is relaxed, there’s a good chance that I’ll be calmer and more at ease on the inside and outside. Hopefully learning to relax more will help me sleep better too!

5 Senses

5 Senses (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ladies and gentlemen, start your SENSES!!!

Over the next ten days I will ask you to give your senses some attention. You’ll spend a day focusing on each of the 5 senses: taste, smell, sound, sight and touch. Our senses are the way we take in the world. They give us valuable information. Am I safe? Will it snow today? Is this something my baby can eat?

I also think it will be fun to learn a little bit about what is often called our “sixth sense,” our intuition. All of us have the ability to know or sense what is beyond our logical, rational mind. However, most of us don’t take our intuition very seriously.

I have greatly benefited myself from listening to my sixth sense. When I was in high school I had a dream in which a voice said to me, “You will get married on July 7th, 2007.” That was pretty specific. I started telling my friends at the time, who laughed at me and said, “Oh Isabelle, you can’t possibly know the exact date you are getting married.” This didn’t really bother me because I knew what I knew was true.

Many of those same friends were at my wedding on 7/7/07. I married the man of my dreams on the date I had dreamed about so many years ago.

Your intuition may show up in a variety of ways:

  • a tingling in your arm
  • a sensation in your gut
  • a voice in your ear
  • butterflies in your stomach
  • a pounding in your head
  • or maybe a dream- like it did for me.

Over time you can learn to sort out these sensations and create a more comfortable line of connection with your intuition.

I want to listen to my intuition more too. I know that I hear it better (I say “hear” and “listen” because that is how I usually receive messages from my intuition. You may “feel” or “see” message from yours.) when other sounds are not droning it out. TV is the enemy of my intuition! So is my own chattering mind.

Have you ever experienced your intuition? Please share!

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4 Responses to Expand your senses

  1. sherrylcook says:

    Love the post! Thank you for adding my link….I’m such a believer in this….

  2. Betsy says:

    I trust my intuition very much. I’ve never had a dream like yours, which is very cool by the way. I knew that you wanted to get married on 7/7/7 but I didn’t know that it came to you in a dream. I love that the man you married is from Las Vegas and as you may or may not know, when you get
    777 lined up on a slot machine that means you hit the jackpot! 🙂 How do I explain my intuition? I don’t know, it’s that “I can’t put my finger on it, but something just isn’t right” feeling. The hard part is to trust it and not second guess it. I do get that feeling around people that I meet. Sometimes I get a strong sense that they are a really good person or a not so good person. I may not have proof, but I know that my intuition has kept me out of harm’s way. I like to think that my intuition is my guardian angel talking to me! 🙂

  3. joymommy says:

    Betsy, you are so wise. You made me think of a few of things…
    1) your comment- ‘“I can’t put my finger on it, but something just isn’t right” feeling.’ made me think of a post I want to write about touching our pulse as a way to get in touch with our intuition. So stay tuned for that 🙂
    2) I really do myself and my baby a disservice when I spend our walks talking on the phone. It both takes my attention away from her and it is dangerous because it takes my attention and INTENTION away from my surroundings. It is hard to listen to my intuition when I am talking on the phone. What a great reminder to use my intuition to stay out of harms way. Thanks!
    and 3) I knew 777 was lucky, but I never thought of the Vegas connection. See, it was meant to be!!!

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