Day one- say “ahhhh”

Celeste Yawning

Celeste Yawning (Photo credit: DanielJames)

English: Yawning dog animated

English: Yawning dog animated (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The time has come to shift your routine a little bit in order to step into a softer, slower way of being.

Today’s activity:

Open up your mouth and yawn. [Come on, really do it!] Make a full relaxing yawning sound and say “ahhhh” as you exhale. Let your nose wrinkle and your eyes crinkle (like this dog is doing.) Even relax the huge muscle that is your tongue.

To get even deeper into your yawn you can lightly press your fingertips against any tight spots on your jaw with tiny circular motions.

When I was pregnant my doula told me that if I relax my jaw it helps other lower regions relax as well. I must have had a super relaxed jaw at the time of Grace’s birth because it was easy peasy! Lately, I’ve gotten out of the habit of relaxing my jaw. That changes TODAY!

English: A 13 year old Tortoiseshell cat yawns.

English: A 13 year old Tortoiseshell cat yawns. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Leave a comment about how this simple act of yawning made you feel. Were you able to indulge in the pleasure of a deep yawn or were you too embarrassed to partake?

Extra credit:

Write a list (to be shared or not) of fears and anxieties (worse case scenarios) that might come up over the next 40 days. Include all obstacles that stand in your way.

A few of my own:

  • No one is ready these posts.
  • or WORSE, people are reading them and laughing because they think it’s stupid 😦
  • I won’t have time to write a post a day for 40 days
  • I’ll run out of things to say
  • I’ll fail at my own intention to relax more
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4 Responses to Day one- say “ahhhh”

  1. Laurie says:

    nahh. nobody is gonna laugh..If they do, it’s an a pre-exsisting feeling- you know- a feeling that has been stewing inside, they cannot recognize nor except it, so it comes out as a mock against another.

    My Fears:
    1. I will get the coffee withdrawl and headaches, i will have no energy and no sparkle.
    2. My body will not co-operate with the demands of piloties yoga- ouch.
    3. I will forget and not aknowledge the littlest of people( children) that I teach.
    Laugh, Laugh and then smile’s infectious and sets the mood for all around you.

  2. Betsy says:

    Nobody is going to laugh or think your blog is stupid and you know people are reading it so you can cross off two of your fears!
    My Fears:
    Failure to meet some of my personal goals in the next 40 days.
    Fear of change and the uncerainty of doing something new.

  3. girlthattalks says:

    Yawning: Couldn’t do it without covering my mouth – lol!!!

    Fears: letting my overwhelm of all that’s happening take away the JOY in life. I’m either stressed or happy – never both/and. I want to experience joy even when I feel panicked. I’d like to learn how to move on from that panicked feeling too when life is seemingly out of control and overwhelming.

  4. joymommy says:

    Thanks Betsy 🙂
    GTT, you and me both! Over the coming days I hope to address that feeling of panic and stress that so many of us suffer from. I think a lot of it has to do with trying to do too much in not enough time without taking little breaks.

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