Day 3: More on eyes

Astronomers use averted vision to “see” faint objects in the sky. In other words, they look off to the side rather than look directly at a star. This allows more light to fall on the periphery of the retina.  Seen straight on, many stars look vague (kinda like the shadows we looked at yesterday), but averted vision reveals that the stars are really individual specks with unique forms.

I love the the analogy of that. Is there a person in your life, or maybe even an event, that when looked at directly seems hard to understand or “get”? But when you avert your vision you realize that they are unique individuals and you can actually see them more clearly by not analyzing their details. Getting some distance from them brings clarity rather than the confusion that one might expect.

I have a tendency to over analyse things so I’m going to put averted vision to use in my own life. My hope is that by stepping away from a situation that usually irks me rather than dissect it I will gain peace of mind.


Attempt averted vision. You can do this with the stars in the night sky or with a person/situation. Report back here.


Wander outside and with soft, unfocused eyes make a 360 degree turn scanning the world around you. Without looking for anything in particular, let the world fill up your field of vision.

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