Day 5: links I Like/ getting back in touch

Is it just me or is it super easy to look without seeing, listen with out hearing, eat without tasting, miss the beautiful fragrance of a summer day, even to touch others without knowing the feelings we are getting and receiving. Let’s start this week out with the intention of getting back in touch with our own personal joy.

Here are a few links that make me joyful. Hope they do the same for you:

Diversifying my happiness.

Guided meditation


Touch me not

Touch me not (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

OMG, I totally want these videos.

finding more time.

Not yelling when I get frustrated.

Being productive

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One Response to Day 5: links I Like/ getting back in touch

  1. girlthattalks says:

    What a concept that we get to choose – either spend our days making things look perfect by cleaning OR we can spend that time doing other good things for ourselves. It’s up to us how we spend our time. It’s nice to read that everyone wishes they had more time!!!!

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