Day 8: Ask for guidance

My intuition has been sending me little whispers lately. Is anyone else experiencing this?

All day I have been able to predict when Grace will wake from her nap. It’s a simple thing, but I can’t usually do it if I’m not paying ATTENTION to my INTENTION.

Since this joy journey is all about growth I’d like to gain even more wisdom from my intuition. But how do I do that? Well, it’s probably a good time to suspend judgement and ask for guidance. Care to join me?


Do you know how to take your own pulse? Place the fingers of your dominant had on the opposite wrist. Use light pressure, allow your fingertips to feel (notice the use of one of your senses!) the blood flowing through your body. Make contact with your heartbeat and close your eyes. Stay here for as long as feels good.

Comment on any thoughts or intuitions you had while feeling your pulse.


While feeling your pulse ask yourself, “what do I need to know to help me with my intuition? What do I need to do or not do?” Let these questions percolate for the rest of the day and listen for your intuition. It might be a voice, a body sensation, or maybe an image. I recommend journaling about whatever comes to you.

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