Day 10: YUM!

A delicious-looking meal

A delicious-looking meal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am probably one of the fastest eaters on the planet. This has been a learned habit ever since Grace was born. I try to eat WHILE I’m feeding her and end up shoveling food in my face so that I can make sure she is eating enough and not throwing her whole meal on the ground.

Does anyone else eat this way? I miss actually TASTING my food. And SMELLING food right out of the oven- YUM! I miss letting the fragrance fill my nose and bring me back to a time in my childhood when I had that exact same meal. But that ends today!

So, today’s assignment…


Take a deep cleansing breath. Put a raisin or any tiny piece of fruit or bread in your mouth. Before you automatically swallow it and reach for the next bite STOP! Roll it around in your mouth. Feel the texture of the food. Now, chew it as slowly as possible. Notice how the sweetness fills your mouth with its flavor. Savor the taste without hurrying to swallow. This can be a difficult assignment because if you are like me you are not accustomed to enjoying your meals for their sensory excitement. You don’t have to commit to doing this for an entire meal, just try one bite.

It can also be fun to do this with wine! This is one of my husband and my favorite ways to spend an evening.



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