Day 12: Happy Jul-eye!

A woman’s eye. Esperanto: Virina okulo. França...

A woman’s eye. Esperanto: Virina okulo. Français : Un œil de femme. Slovenčina: Ženské oko. Српски / Srpski: Женско око. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

HAPPY JULY! Joyful June has come to an end and Joint Effort July is finally here. Brandon and I celebrate our 5 year anniversary this month. What an incredible 5 years it has been. This month I want to work on not being so critical of him. I know that I sometimes take out my frustrations on him and it’s not fair to either of us. He has started to make much more of an effort to help out around the house (he did the dishes tonight!!) and I want to acknowledge him for and at the same time shut my mouth about things that bug me that will most likely never change. (Over the last 5 years of marriage his socks somehow never managed to make it into the dirty clothes basket. I’ll stop holding my breath.)

How good does it feel to be really seen by another person? When someone knows you deeply and loves you, not despite your flaws, but because of them. There are few things that top that. Brandon loves me for me and that makes me the luckiest girl in the world!

English: Uppercase and lowercase Greek letter ...

English: Uppercase and lowercase Greek letter iota, the 9th letter of the Greek alphabet. Times New Roman font. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Gaze at yourself in the bathroom mirror. Really look at what you SEE. First look into one eye and then the other. Ask yourself, “who am I?” What comes up? Is it hard? Are you drawn to self-criticism? Who is looking back at you? Do this every time you enter the bathroom for the rest of our 40 day journey.



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2 Responses to Day 12: Happy Jul-eye!

  1. Chelsea says:

    After we look at ourselves and come up with criticism, it’d be good to have someone that loves us tell us what they see when they look at us. It’s crazy how we treat our friends and family better than we treat ourselves inside our minds!

  2. joymommy says:

    So true! I see a good friend, daughter and sister in you my dear 🙂

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