Day 13: OM sick?

Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quick check in… Anyone home sick yet? 🙂 hope not!

Lots of animals (fish, birds, lizards…) are able to camouflage themselves so successfully they seem to disappear.   People do this too. I went to high school with a girl who had really long hair. She would literally hide behind it. She was so shy and quiet that most people didn’t even know she was in the same room. It made me really sad for her.

Ancient yogis claimed that they could disappear as well. I have a hunch that they didn’t do so using their hair though. My favorite disappearing act is the Cheshire Cat. He would engage in silly conversation then vanish from tail to head, leaving only a toothy smile.


Camouflage (Photo credit: Goutam Gujjar)

Today, rather than disappear we are going to show up more fully- this time using sound. Sounds open up your throat, warm your heart, massage your face, and lift your spirit. You own the most vital piece of acoustic equipment available today, your voice. So let’s use it in a new, joyful way.


Place your hands on your breastbone and  inhale deeply. On your exhale sing or chant the word “OM” (pronounced ‘A-U-M‘.) Close your eyes and feel the vibration until the individual letters melt into a calm reverberation. When you run out of breath, let the silence envelope you. Then cup your hands over your ears with a mild suction and “OM” again.

Om bija

Disappearing into OM (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For more info on OMing I really like this video.

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One Response to Day 13: OM sick?

  1. Grafaktri says:

    You have a wonderful blog. I will be following you and trying out the 40 days! Thanks.

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