Day 14: Happy 4th of July!

English: Fireworks

English: Fireworks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Awareness is a little like those amazing fireworks that will light up the sky tonight. Until they shine their brillant, booming light into the deep darkness of the evening you can hardly see anything around you.

Did you know that the average eye blinks about once every 5 seconds. That’s 17,000 times a day or 6.5 million times a year. But when you are in a place that is dark your eye muscles relax. Ever notice how when you leave a movie theatre you can actually see better. After adjusting to the daylight things seem more vibrant and alive compared to being in the dark theatre.


Tonight I encourage you to enjoy the darkness outside, before the fireworks begin. Soak in the darkness. And for a moment (5 minutes?), amid the commotion of BBQs and guests, just do nothing. Just take everything in. You may get a little bored at first. Or maybe uncomfortable or impatient. Count the times you want to join in the festivities. I’m not asking you to be a wall flower for the whole day I’m just asking you to notice what being in the darkness is like. Does it make you feel vulnerable? Does it bring about a new kind of awareness? Then, when those bombs go exploding and light up the sky notice how that is different from the darkness.


Firework in San Jose

Firework in San Jose (Photo credit: mrjoro)

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