Day 15: Use your voice!

Scream 1

Scream 1 (Photo credit: LugoLounge)

I have a girlfriend who constantly disappoints me. Rather than approach her about how much this hurts my feelings I bottle it up inside. Yes, I am VERY passive-agressive, I know. Can anyone else relate to wanting to be nice and in turn getting hurt and stifled? So, today’s assignment (well ALL the assignments really) is mostly for me- and for whoever else can relate.



Scream (Photo credit: liber(the poet);)

Ask yourself if you are angry, furious, or full of rage. What triggers your anger? How, if at all, do you rant, rave, and get it off your chest? Can you find a safe way to let your voice be heard? You don’t necessarily  have to spit out all the things you want to say to the person who wronged you. Nor do you have to gossip about that person to your other friends. But DO find a way to get it out. Shout out loud! Try doing this when you are in your car or home alone (never happens for me!) Give it all you’ve got. Scream into the night, “I’ve had it, NO MORE!” And eventually, maybe you will find a way to broach the topic with your friend/parent/sibling…

Ah, I feel better just writing that. 🙂 Doesn’t let me off the hook though. I still have to follow through with my own assignment.

Good luck. Please share!

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