Day 19: Child’s pose

Asleep on the floor

Asleep on the floor (Photo credit: Jenny Lee Silver)

If you have ever done yoga you are most likely familiar with child’s pose. This is the pose where you kneel on the ground and sit back on your heels. {Pictured to the right.} Baby Grace sleeps in this pose often.

Bowing, whether it be at the end of a performance, to someone of high status, or in a spiritual temple, is a way of honoring and thanking something larger than we are. It has also been shown to slow down the heartbeat and increase a sense of wellbeing. I find it incredibly satisfying to surrender into a deep bow as I acknowledge the insane number of gifts that make up my life.


Come into child’s pose. Keep your buttocks down and your palms grounded beside your knees. Bow forward slowly, touching the earth (or a block/pillow/blanket) with your forehead. Stay here with your eyes closed for as long as feels good.

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