Day 20: Party on!

I love a good party. Gathering good friends, good food, and good wine all in one place- divine! Our 4th of July party was just such an occasion. I remember doing my assignment for that day and becoming acutely aware of all the white noise I heard when I wasn’t paying attention to one particular conversation, but instead letting it all wash over me.

That same white noise often happens in my own head. This happens most often when I am trying to make a decision. I hear all these voices in my head vying for attention. Does this happen to anyone else?


Think about a decision that you have to make. Make note of the different voices in your head telling you what to do. Instead of deciding which one is right or wrong listen to them all as if they were just white noise.

Then, come back to the individual voices. Make a list of the key ones. There is usually a loud mouth critic, a worry wart, the voice of a parent, and the “you never listen to me” voice. Now that you know who is at the party inside your head you can choose which one you actually want to engage with.

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pick a voice, any voice . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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One Response to Day 20: Party on!

  1. Laurie says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhh, the silence of running in the early Ipod..just my Ibrain..listening to the sounds of silence..and the soft thud of each footfall..the wind singing through the trees, and a light mist encircle my being..a good pose afterwards..the funny that i did it to keep muscles from becoming too tight, not gonna mention the strange looks.. 🙂

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