Day 21: Posture

"How Does Your POSTURE Line Up" - NA...

“How Does Your POSTURE Line Up” – NARA – 514534 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a mommy good posture is essential AND hard to come by.

Nursing, holding a crying baby, looking down at your precious sleeping child all involve a rounding of the shoulders and sometimes a jutting forward of the chin. It feels good in the moment because you are so full of love, but the ache in your shoulders the next day feels so yucky and if you are like me, puts you in a bad mood.

Solution: good posture. (At first I typed soulution. Cute huh?!)

Did you know that the word “attitude” actually means “posture.” An attitude is the way we hold ourselves. In any moment of your life you have an attitude. (What is your attitude in this moment?) That attitude is going to condition and shape the way you receive and hold the events in your day. That attitude is literally in the body. You are expressing the attitude of your heart and mind through your body right now. When you change the attitude of the body it changes the attitude of theĀ heart and body too. So, it’s a good idea to pay attention to your internal attitude as well as to your external posture and not just assume them as a given.


Study your current posture. Does it look like this?:

English: Bad posture

English: Bad posture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ask yourself how you would sit if you had a joyful attitude. What would your face look like? How would your body feel? What would you be doing? What would you be saying? What would you be thinking?

Now, for just a moment sit as if you had just such an attitude. Drop your shoulders. Allow the corners of your mouth lift gently. Feel the top of your head. Feel it lifting towards the sky. Tuck your chin a little so your joy is level headed. Rotate your pelvis slightly forward, which will arch your back slightly inward. This allows your whole spine to lengthen and open.

How do you feel?


1391301435_AAA.jpg (Photo credit: apparena)

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