Day 29: Hands

English: Prônam Mudrá Português: Prônam Mudrá

English: Prônam Mudrá Português: Prônam Mudrá (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yoni mudra used in Yoga practice.

Yoni mudra used in Yoga practice. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ever since learning sign language and then teaching it to baby Grace I have been really interested in hands and how precise and agile they are. They have two dozen intricate bones and are able to do so many things, both mundane and sublime. In a single afternoon I will use my hands to type, fold laundry, dig in the garden, caress Grace’s face, pull clothes over my head, massage my sore neck, dial the phone, tie my shoes, make dinner hold Brandon’s hand and pet Bacchus.

Palm readers believe then can read our past and future my looking at our palm. I once went to a palm reader who told me I would marry someone who does something with his hands. Brandon was, at the time, a baseball pitcher and now he is a doctor. But come on, who DOESN’T do SOMETHING with their hands?!

In many spiritual traditions hands are directly connected with the heart or soul. In yoga we use mudras or hand positions to energize the Chakras and calm the mind . Each area of the hand  has a reflex reaction in a specific part of the brain and can be accessed using a mudra.


Tonight, as you open that bottle of wine or unscrew the cap on your water bottle, slooooow waaaaaay dooooown. Notice the intricacy and agility of your hands. We so often take our hands for granted so instead be amazed at how many things you do in a day that actually require a certain precision that is really beautiful.

Other things you could consider doing while noticing your hands:

-sew a button or do another craft

-trim your fingernails

-cut flowers and arrange them in a vase

-tickle someone

-type something in the comments section

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One Response to Day 29: Hands

  1. Betsy says:

    I love looking at hands. That’s probably why rings are my favorite jewelry. I used to love looking at my Mom’s hands. Elderly, paper thin, soft hands that touched so much in their lifetime. I would hold her hands and think about that. There are so many pressure points in your hands. I think I’ll do a little hand reflexology and give them a good shake!

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