Day 32: PLAY

First off, how are ya doing? Are you more joyful since embarking on our journey? It’s day 32. So far we’ve (or maybe just I’ve) relinquished some control or regular routine and are a little more confortable being at a place in our lives where things don’t make sense all the time. I personally feel better equipped to step forward without knowing exactly where I’m going, trusting more in myself and in the process.

This morning I took Grace for a walk to this park that has a ton of sand toys. She sat there for about an hour creating an entire world for herself. I wasn’t even sure she was


playing (Photo credit: duncan)

old enough to do that! I loved watching how easy it was for her to play. No script or how to manual was needed. She made up all the rules (well, I made up the rule of no sand in the mouth.) Where did this information come from? She certainly doesn’t see me playing on the ground.

I loved watching her move. She would scramble over to one corner of the playground just to zoom over to the other. The kinesthetics of living being the only thing informing her how to think, more, and feel.

Having a young child is such a reminder that life is constantly changing. Before Grace, I didn’t really recognize those changes. Life seemed pretty static. Not in a bad way- I was just more bound to my habitual identity. As soon as I became a mother though I knew I had to say good bye to many of my old ways. I’ve gotta admit that I miss the Sunday mornings when I could sleep in and wake up with a totally free day. But still, I’ve said “good” bye with gratitude for what was and a sense of wonder for what will come.

So, in this post I want to remind you to come back to the reason for/intention of this journey. More joy. And PLAY is the name of the game today. Moving into play is pretty allusive. It isn’t as tangible as I would like it to be. I guess that’s part of the fun, the mystery and abstraction of it all. Play is about making connections between your intuition and your logic, between what you know and what you feel.


Indulge! What are you craving? What pleasure do you seek? Jump on the urge. Get in the car and just drive for the “play” of it. Buy yourself some nice jewelry of a nice drippy ice cream cone. And if you care to, share your indulgence here.

Mine: meeting friends at the pool.

English: Ice cream cone held in a right hand i...

English: Ice cream cone held in a right hand in Tenerife, Spain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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2 Responses to Day 32: PLAY

  1. girlthattalks says:

    Sorry I haven’t commented more…too hard to leave comments on my phone and I never check your blog on my computer. But I made a point to do it today to leave a comment to say how much I’m enjoying it! πŸ™‚ Even just reading daily (even if I don’t get the activity done) puts me in a more aware place! I’m learning a lot – thanks!!! I’m going to be sad on day 40. 😦

  2. joymommy says:

    I am so glad you have been enjoying the posts. I have some fun stuff planned for after day 40 so don’t be too sad! The whole point of this blog is to be happy πŸ™‚

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