Day 33: Shake it off

head-shaking comparison

head-shaking comparison (Photo credit: quicksilv3r)

I was walking our dog, Bacchus, the other day when another dog (who was off his leash) ran up to him and started barking and growling. Bacchus’ hair stood on end and he growled back, obviously scared. The owner of the other dog pulled the dogs apart and went on his way. I was rattled, to say the least and bent down to make sure Bacchus was OK. He licked my face and with a ripple that started at his head and went all the way to the tip of his tail he shook. It was his way of letting go of the fear and stress that the encounter with the other dog created.


Stand in Tadasana or Mountian pose. (With your feet shoulder width apart, arms hanging loosely at your sides.) Softly bounce and shake your shoulders and rotate your head from side to side. Let your arms totally dangle, your head floating, and your shoulders floating up and down. Open your mouth and make a slow”Ha!” sound as if you were sighing. Keep gently moving in a way that feels good. allow your skin to be loose, your jaw to be slack.

Shake away your stress 🙂


Tadasana (Photo credit: tarnalberry)

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