Day 35: be silly

My little monkey (aka baby Grace) is one of the silliest people I know. She will randomly come up to me and make this funny face where she raises her eye brows and grits her teeth. Then she will pull her lips back into a weird smile. It always makes me laugh. She also has started to call our dog “no!” Whenever he walks into the room she shouts “NO, NO!” And she isn’t telling him to stop doing something, she really thinks that’s his name. And the stairs bring endless hours of fun. She will climb up and down a countless number of times.


Do something totally silly. For example, take the dog food for a walk in the stroller, dig a hole in the yard just because, take everything out of a drawer and then put it all back. Walk upstairs backwards.

Share what you did that was silly today.

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5 Responses to Day 35: be silly

  1. L. Rawson says:

    still laughing about the way you described Grace with her expressions..she entertains you!!. Its cute how she renamed the dog..
    I love being’s a huge burden lifted when we don’t have to be the responsible adult. I think thats why the adult playgrounds ( Buster whatever they call the bar that has all the games) are such a great release..we all need to have turn a deaf ear to the expression..”now stop being so silly.
    LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY.. I don’t love the idea of labeling anyone, but it’s a very liberating statement, only in the context of referring to oneself.

    I am going to the beach, where I shall dance along the shore…to great music in my heart.

  2. L. Rawson says:

    thanks. 🙂 same here.
    a more joyful approach to life, is quite infectious.
    the joy i have found ,not to mention all the powerful life tools learned..
    next journey should be wonderful.
    Good luck traveling with the will be just fine..

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