beyond 40 days

We’ve made it! Now what? It’s time to reflect on what we have learned and allow it to feed the rest of our lives.


Journal (either on a piece of paper, on the computer, or in an actual journal) using these prompts:

  • Write down your original intention
  • How close did you come to making your intention a reality?
  • Did you achieve what you wanted to?
  • Why? Why not?
journal #19 random entry #2

journal #19 random entry #2 (Photo credit: paperbackwriter)

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One Response to beyond 40 days

  1. L. Rawson says:

    hmm, well yes….to some extent, i did.
    some where not acheived with the same gusto as in the begining..but continue to be a grounded goal.
    As usual, life gets in the way, however that is no excuse, is it? If you really want something, you will do it, forge ahead, and not give up.
    A very weird thing keeps happening to me in my Yoga class..I continue to have a little spell of nausea and some upchucking, about middle of the class. I feel wonderful afterwards,but its disturbing to the class for me to get up and embarrasing to have to leave,then come back in. Could this be a mental purge of some sort? I love my yoga class, teacher..the surroundings..It happens about once a week. strange..

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