Stop Saying You’re Fine, book review

Another book about change!

I requested this book on my Amazon wish list on a whim- I’d heard Mel Robbins on a radio show and like the sound of her new book, Stop Saying You’re Fine. My sister, Jessie, mentioned to me that I always say I’m “fine” even when she knows I’m not. Grace is fine, hubby is fine, home is fine, the weather is fine. NO MORE! Not after reading this book,

The premise of this book is that within every average individual is a powerful one that is in control of her life and loves it. This powerful you is successful, slimmer and charismatic. But how do you get there? Robbins divides the book into three parts:

1.‘Why you aren’t getting what you want’– these chapters identify behaviors that we all do that hinder our growth.
2. ‘The Method for Becoming Powerful and Getting what you want’– These are specific steps to follow to make changes after you’ve discovered what you want
3. ‘Finding the Stamina to Keep getting what you want’– Anyone who has started a project and fizzled out of completing it, or went back to do their Masters (or whatever) and never finished knows what this is about- keeping on the right track after you’ve determined what steps you should take. God, this section alone inspired me to keep writing my blog!

All in all, I think this is a great read. Actually I think I may even re-read it- or at least read the parts that I underlined. I like that the book makes me think about where I am in life and whether I truly am happy. Remember, you don’t just want to ‘be fine’, you want to be living your life to the fullest.

TEDx SF 2011 Alive - Mel Robbins ©Suzie Katz #4745

TEDx SF 2011 Alive – Mel Robbins ©Suzie Katz #4745 (Photo credit: TEDx SF)

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