Vacation on fire!


Paradise Valley from Woods Creek Trail with Sh...

Paradise Valley from Woods Creek Trail with Sheep Fire smoke (Photo credit: MiguelVieira)

This has been a CRAZY vacation! That is not to say that I haven’t enjoyed most of it, but it has had some unexpected twists.

We started out going to Driggs, Idaho where Brandon’s parents have a sweet condo. Idaho and the Tetons were incredibly beautiful, as was our time with my in laws. If I had the chance to hand picked a better pair to raise my husband I couldn’t have choosen two more fabulous people than Barb and Randy (also known as “Mimi” and Papa.”)

We drank lots of local beer, went on a few hikes and I even got in a yoga class. The thing was, there had been lots of fires in Idaho and the air was very smoky. It got a little better towards the end of our time in Driggs, but we still decided that we would head to my Family’s ranch in Livingston, Montana a little earlier that expected.

As we approached the ranch we saw huge dark smoke clouds fill the valley. It was if we were in a  dream  nightmare. My mom sent me a text saying, “Do not go to the ranch. Huge fire near Pine Creek.” WTF!

Well, at that point we had already made it to the ranch so we got out of the car (which we had been in for 5 hours already) and gave Barb and Randy a tour of the house. We only got to the first level though because the smoke was so bad we had to leave.

To make a long story short… We were eventually evacuated and didn’t get to go back to the ranch. I’ll include some pictures so you can see how scary it was. Photos were taken by our ranch hand.

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The fire burned half of our beloved ranch. I can hardly believe it will never be what it used to be. It feels almost like loosing a friend. Good news: no structures were damaged. AND new growth is already happening. Also, no lives were lost (at least not human).

So… we decided to come to SB early. We’ve been having fun here. Grace has been spending a lot of time with Noni and Dudy. She is still not walking yet, but we are confident that she will in her own time. AND my mom celebrated her 60th Birthday!!!

So, all in all I am learning to have a lot of compassion for myself and trying to be grateful for our incredible friends and families.

Speaking of compassion! I found this website and want to share it with you. HERE you can take a test to see how compassionate you are to yourself.

Leave a comment on where you scored and how your self-compassion has an effect on how you enjoy your vacation/summer.

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