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November is my No Stress Month

In our culture, we are taught to expect that having a baby will be the happiest time in a woman’s life. And for most women, childbirth and early parenting do provide great joy and fulfillment, I know it has for … Continue reading

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Lowering expectations= more joy

A lesson that I’ve been learning over the last month or so is that people will do and say hurtful things to me, things that I don’t deserve. When someone mistreats me it usually makes me feel the opposite of … Continue reading

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Links I like

This is what I have been reading about lately: Sleep, how to get more done in less time (not possible!) and easy food for Grace and I. Here is what I discovered… Since I continue to struggle with my sleep … Continue reading

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Your brain on relationship

I recently came across a book called Coyote Medicine: Lessons from Native American Healing in which the author says, The Lakota language does not have a concept of strictly mental health. Health is always seen as being part of one’s entire being, … Continue reading

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The other day I was talking to someone (hi someone, you know who you are!) about how overwhelmed we both feel. Our to-do lists are so long and at the end of the day we both feel like we haven’t … Continue reading

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I’d like to put a P.S. on my last post about letting friendships go… Forgiveness is a huge part of friendship. After giving myself time to recover from being disappointed by my friend I feel ready to forgive her for … Continue reading

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Fall is here

Out with the old, in with the new There’s something new being born in my life.  Actually it feels more “Fally” than that last sentence sounded- which to me was very “Springy” if that makes sense. As the leaves slowly … Continue reading

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