Boundary Waters

Boundary Waters (Photo credit: random letters)

The other day I was talking to someone (hi someone, you know who you are!) about how overwhelmed we both feel. Our to-do lists are so long and at the end of the day we both feel like we haven’t succeeded because we haven’t crossed everything off the list. Is this something anyone else struggles with? I’m sure it is, but if you want to confirm- leave a comment.

As I often do, I’ve been ruminating on the idea of overwhelm and this thought popped into my head: “Boundaries,boundaries,boundaries!”

Speaking of boundaries, did you know that 80% of our immune cells are located at the body openings: respiratory tract, mouth, genitals… When a harmful substance gets in, the body immediately mounts a defense. And this immune memory lasts for years!

Could the same be true for the opening of our to-do list? Are the things things we put on it doing more harm than good and actually clogging us up rather than setting us free? If so, that overwhelmed feeling I have is like my immune system attaching the stressful invader. Stress can actually be my friend if I listen to it and USE it as a reminder that I am probably doing too much.

I don’t know! But I’m going to do an experiment: I’m going to set some boundaries for myself around my to-do list.

Day 092/366 - To Do List

Day 092/366 – To Do List (Photo credit: Great Beyond


Trust how you feel around what you put on your to-do list (people to talk to, places to go, and things do.) Your bodily response is your virtual immunity!

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