Day 2


Stress Less home button

Today we are going to look at what stimuli we let into our lives and see if letting go of some of that “push-button entertainment” will lessen our stress.


There are times in my life when I totally give up TV 100% and other times when I am a full on couch potato. I find that the times I am a couch potato are also the times I am less likely to sing a song to Grace that I’ve made up on the spot, practice guitar, draw for the fun of it, spend time with my friends, and carry on an intelligent conversation with my husband. I forget what fun it is to “do,” rather than merely watch. Well, I declare THIS (Nov 2-Nov 8) a no couch potatoing week! We are going on a media fast.


My hunch is that, if you join me, your ideas that were previously derived from a movie or commercial you watched will be replaced with self-directed thoughts. Instead of humming songs you hear on the radio you will hum ones you grew up singing and that you know my heart because you love them. You may even have more initiative to prepare a special dish for your family, or write a letter to an old friend, or go for a walk! Come on, it’s only a week!!!


Kicking Television

Kicking Television (Photo credit: dhammza)

It takes motivation and practice to over come our natural tendencies to escape into media and technology. My motivation for this media fast is to have less stress in my life. If this isn’t a strong enough motivator for you think about what is.


Ask yourself the following questions:


  • How much noise am I exposed to?
  • How does it affect me?
  • What steps can I take to minimize it or protect myself from it?



What do you  read, watch and listen to for diversion and entertainment? Is the content consistent with your goal of having more joy in your life? If not, today’s assignment is to make appropriate changes.


Take breaks from the news, mindless channel surfing, and hours staring at the computer screen. Experiment with how much of that type of information you want in your life. Pay attention to the choices in media that you make.


Are you doing your 4 7 8 breathing?


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