Day 4

More on being a qualitarian

Yesterday, we talked about becoming a vegetarian for a week. Today I want to continue on the subject of diet because it is so important in our quest to stress less.

Have you decided what meat you giving up? If so, please share. And if you can’t give up meat maybe there is something else you want to give up?! (Examples: coffee, soda, alcohol..)

Diet supplement - omega 3 fish oil-based

Diet supplement – omega 3 fish oil-based (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I want to ADD quality food to my diet. To do that I first need to be much more careful about my food selections when I shop and when I eat out.

Watch this video for Dr Oz’s supplement recommendations.


Decide what you will ADD to your diet this week.

Things I intend to add to my diet EVERY DAY for the next week (Nov 4-10.) to decrease my stress:

  • Multi-vitamine
  • Vitamine D
  • Fish oil. I feel really passionate about this one! The body needs EPA and DHA from oily fish. Most people (kids too) do not get enough and that can lead to learning disabilities and violent disorder (yikes!) Fish oil also helps prevent depression. 20 grams a day or more can be added to your diet with no side effects. Omega 3s are SO important babies! They reduce inflamation and contribute to the health of the cardiovascular system. Here is a list of Foods rich in omega 3s. I am giving you a loop hole from eating meat for a week by saying it’s ok to eat fish atleast once a week OR take 2-4 grams of a fish product every day.
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