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Week 4 check in

I had a wonderful Artist’s Date at the Corner Tavern in Walnut Creek. I know we aren’t supposed to take anyone along, but G was a wonderful companion. What did you do for your Artist’s Date this week? Next week, … Continue reading

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Next creative project- a DOLL

My favorite thing about G starting school at a waldorf school is that it “forces” me to make her stuff. My first project is a doll. Waldorf Doll #1 (Weir Crafts Kit) I’ve done some research online about how to … Continue reading

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Imitate a cocktail

Lucky’s, in Montecito, is one of our favorite spots when Brandon and I visit my parents. I always order the lemon drop martini. But Luckys is far away from home so we have been experimenting with our own version. Here … Continue reading

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Make your own holiday gifts this year

This year I plan to recruit friends to make gifts with me. Each person will decide what to make. We will each by the supplies and then arrange a hideaway together for a weekend to make them. My friend, Eleza, … Continue reading

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Week 3 check in

How many days this week did you do your morning pages? Did you do your artist date?

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finished week 2

So, two weeks have come an gone. How do you feel? Are you keeping up on your three pages a day? How about your artist date? What did you do on your date? Any discoveries from your morning pages? One … Continue reading

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Week 2 check in

I’m on my artist date right now. Had a nice chai latte. I’ve never considered myself an artist, but for today’s assignment I’m asking you to draw yourself as a cartoon character. Here’s me: Please share yours!

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