finished week 2

So, two weeks have come an gone. How do you feel? Are you keeping up on your three pages a day? How about your artist date? What did you do on your date? Any discoveries from your morning pages? One thing I am discovering is that I have a lot of pent up feelings from my first few months of being a new mom. Most moms I know feel brought to their knees in gratitude and love for the gift of motherhood. And I would never trade the role of being Grace’s mom for the world. Yet, as my morning pages have taught me, I don’t always experience motherhood the way I want.

Now, I know that morning pages aren’t intended to be shared (and I don’t WANT to share them) I just want to express how profound they can be. They have taught me that I need reserves of inner calm so that I can face a day being attached to a two year old. They help remind me that I can replenished AND pour out my life for those I love most.

My morning pages have also taught me how much my life resembles the movie ‘Groundhog Day.’

Flickr - Furryscaly - Wuchak

Flickr – Furryscaly – Wuchak (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know that this is just a season of my life, but seeing it written out day after day in my journal is actually empowering. It’s like a little spirit came into my hand and wrote the words, “The gifts I give are fundamentally different when I give from a full well versus a dry tank. The gifts, themselves, are different. I show up differently in my life and in my relationships.”

What did your morning pages teach you?

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One Response to finished week 2

  1. You really do have a “way with words” dear Iz….You craft them well….I know this stage you’re going through all too well….After all, when my daughter’s father met me, my kitchen was a darkroom and nothing in the fridge but a tray of b+w prints ready to dry. My morning pages have become pages of questions, really. One after the other, usually starting with why? Or, how? I’m looking forward to Week III, and will write more soon! This baby period is
    sooo short, never to be repeated once it’s over….IN and of itself, the most magical period of motherhood I think……… Hugs oxo

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