Imitate a cocktail

Lucky’s, in Montecito, is one of our favorite spots when Brandon and I visit my parents.


I always order the lemon drop martini. But Luckys

Français : icone "verre a cocktail"

Français : icone “verre a cocktail” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

is far away from home so we have been experimenting with our own version.

Here is how we made it (with help from our little barista!):

1.5 oz kettle one citroen vodka

1.o oz sweet and sour (1.5 cups water and 1.5 cups sugar boiled and one cup freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1 cup of freshly squeezed lime juice)

.5 oz lemon juice.





Assignment: Share your own fav cocktail (either where to get it or how to make it.)



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2 Responses to Imitate a cocktail

  1. No alcohol since 1978….not one drop…..sorry I can’t join in, sweeties….<3

  2. Whoops! that was supposed to be a heart, doesn’t translate here, so…oxo!

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