Next creative project- a DOLL

Waldorf Doll Update

Waldorf Doll Update (Photo credit: lapoli)

Supplies for making a yarn doll: yarn, scissor...

Supplies for making a yarn doll: yarn, scissors, and card. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My favorite thing about G starting school at a waldorf school is that it “forces” me to make her stuff. My first project is a doll.

Waldorf Doll #1 (Weir Crafts Kit)

I’ve done some research online about how to make a doll and waited for the right moment, which will be September. So, for now I am just in the planning phase.  I priced out the materials needed and it is cheaper to purchase them separately but I want to make it as simple as possible for myself so I decided to go with a kit for my first doll from Weir Crafts.  The next time I will purchase locally for the wool and hopefully find a different vendor for the skin material.  Weir Crafts material is very nice but they only offer 4 colors – peach, blush, tan and brown.  I decided to go with the tan (close to G’s skin color) but I really wanted something in between the tan and the brown.  The kit was definitely a good start for my first doll because it came with great instructions, clothing patterns and hair instructions. For this doll I’m going to follow the instructions that came with the kit (with references online sites). So here we go!Here is what came in the kit:
Doll and Clothing instructions
floss for eyes and mouth
thread for sculpting and sewing
yarn for hair and clothes
wool for stuffing
Cloth for skin
I’m feeling a little overwhelmed to be honest. I’ve never done anything like this. Wish me luck!
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2 Responses to Next creative project- a DOLL

  1. How fun! I used a kit to make my oldest daughter a doll when she was young…she loved it, even though it didn’t come out quite the way I’d hoped:) Waldorf is amazing!!!

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