Week 5, check in (and some words on joy)

Today is my first day of not doing my morning pages! But, I have a really good excuse… My journal is in my luggage, which is being held hostage at SFO because the bag didn’t make it on my flight home from Montana yesterday. 

How about you? Are your morning pages getting any creative ideas percolating?   I’ve been using them to become more conscious about my decisions. They help me to have days that go more smoothly. My career and family life are both right on course, but sometimes I still often feel  like, although I’m in the right lane- I’m grinding my gears. I didn’t realize the  grinding until I realized that I keep writing in my journal “This is NOT how I want to feel.” So, I’ve been writing about my core desires which help me make right choices and re calibrate my compass.

How are your morning pages coming? Are your words luminous or dull? How do you feel if you don’t do them? How about when you do do them? Either way, OWN it! 

MY AHA MOMENT: This week I found that I’m writing more nouns than last week. Rather that writing, “I want to feel more creative.” I write, “I am the divine creator.” It makes me feel totally different. It helps encourage me and I feel less ridged.

JOY! IT is my deep belief that our true nature is JOY. This is my fundamental aspiration. Feeling light, fluid, free. Each of these emotions stem from joy. My morning pages have shown me how much I avoid joy. Why? Something I will be exploring both in my pages and in my artist dates.

Now, my intention is that everything I do ushers me into new dimensions of happiness. It is my sacred priority. My joy is my clearest indicator of deep wellness. I am committed to joy and to writing about it (here) because I know I am worthy of everything I want. And so are you. No more excuses for neglecting my joy. Some things will have to give way to truer pursuits. Joy it Iz!

What do you have to do, experience, and have to feel your own core desires?!

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