It has beed over a year since I’ve written on this blog and obviously a lot has happened. Rather than try to fill the gap I’ve decided to start with a clean slate. The inspiration for starting the blog up again is a training I started a few months ago: LIFEWAYS. I’m taking the training for my own personal fulfillment, but I’m also contemplating becoming a preschool or kindergarten teacher- eventually! So far I have loved Every. Single. Class. I literally want to weep when I hear the teachers lecture on storytelling, crafts, or festivals. It’s all so sweet. I’ve noticed how much more joyful I am since embarking on this lifeways training. I want to use this blog to keep track of and share what I am learning. One of my assignments is to come up with an in depth project that I will present at the end of the year (in June.) I’ve decided to take up the Simplicity Parenting lifestyle. So, for the next few months I will be writing about my family’s journey to a more simple way of life- in our home, minds, and bodies.

Some goals I have:

Drink Water When I Wake

Cancel our Cable

Destination-less walking

Reduce email

Experiment with napping

Wake up before the rest of the family

Eat more veggies

Eat less meat

Less technology

Think about if it’s possible to live a “balanced” life

Have more compassion for myself and others

Work on Finances

Be more creative

Get rid of clutter

Find meaningful work

Be less busy

Express my love

Give less store bought gifts


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