evening simplification

Just two days to go before October ends- and I want to make the most of these days (and nights). One way I do this is by creating a simple, but sweet evening ambience around myself and my family.

Brandon and I often relax in front of the fire with a glass of wine or herbal tea after putting Grace to bed. If Brandon is working (like he was last night) I curl up with a good book and read for an hour (LUXURIOUS) rather than turn on the TV. I find I sleep much better if I read before bed instead of catch up on the latest episode of Parenthood, but sometimes I do that too :).  Another way I like to simplify our evenings is to jot down a simple but nourishing dinner menu and grocery list on Saturday afternoon.

This makes it much more likely that I will COOK something. I’ll start sharing some of the successful/simple dinners that I’ve made. And the last thing I do to simplify our evenings is to go to bed early (my family teases me because I turn into a noodle at the stroke of 9:30pm) so that I can wake up fresh to greet a crisp new day.





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