Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra verse 2.42 reads, “From contentment, the highest happiness is attained.”  In other words, when desire is removed contentment can blossom. Lately, my journey towards simplicity is teaching me how true this is: the moment is complete; I don’t need to look for something else. And so, as we approach Thanksgiving and Christmas (not so SIMPLE times in holidays past) I aim to be grateful for what I have instead of desiring something else, or something more.

Yoga Teacher TKV Desikachar’s definition of Santosha is “to accept what happens.” In other words, when it is cold, let it be cold. When Grace is in a bad mood, let her be in a bad mood. When I feel disappointed, let myself be disappointed.

Well, here’s a little bit of truth… all I want for Christmas is a baby growing in my belly. Everyone says, “It will happen when it happens.” But I want it to happen now! (YESTERDAY!!!)

{SIGH} Can you relate? Have you ever REALLY wanted something- so bad that you feel physically ill at the idea of not being able to have it? And so, I take myself back to this idea of santosha- loving what is.

Gratitude encourages me to fall in love with my life as it is, and keeps me centered in joy and abundance. So, this Thanksgiving, I will be refraining from buying any products that I don’t really need, crafting everything on Pinterest (but I can keep pinning it, right?!), and implementing every article containing “25 educational tools for your toddler” (Pinterest can be bad for the santosha, FYI. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to stop using it. There’s some damn good recipes on there!)


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